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About ESUK

At Electric Scooters UK we care a lot about your personal transport.

Our electric scooter obsession (yep, we’re obsessed, it’s official) started when we ordered our first Xiaomi MiJia M365 from China at the start of 2017. It took ages to arrive, absolutely ages, over 45 days. We also paid import tax – which the seller didn’t warn us about – but we got in gear and did our best to enjoy the product.

We didn’t just enjoy the M365 though, we loved the M365.

Being huge gadget fans, we’ve been obsessing over Xiaomi’s two-wheeled wonder ever since.

After that very first experience we decided that Electric Scooters UK was going to be about customer satisfaction, focusing on delivering the best devices and shipping them within 24 hours from our UK warehouses.

Since falling in love with the M365, we’ve also had a love affair with the Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES2. The sleek design, solid tyres and optional extended battery are all game-changers and we’re certain that these devices are the best electric scooters on the market.

Use our Contact Us page to let us know what you think, tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Thanks for reading,