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Electric Scooters to be legalised in the UK

It’s official. The UK Government have finally sorted small things like Brexit and General Elections to focus on more pressing matters, like the legalisation of electric scooters. That’s right, electric scooters to be legalised.

Escooters will be legalised on roads and cycle lanes for the first time under government plans to encourage green transport.

MPs are expected to launch a consultation in February 2020 on how to regulate electric scooters and ensure safety.

The consultation will be followed by trials in cities, with a potential nationwide introduction if they are successful.

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Now we know that electric scooters to be legalised, as we’ve previously predicted, it’s expected that electric scooters should be treated like bicycles and allowed on roads and cycle lanes.

It is thought that ecooters will be expected to be equipped with “speed inhibitors” that will limit their speed to 15.5mph. Much like the Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro.

There will also be questions over whether helmets should be compulsory on e-scooters. There has also been some pushback in from the top amid concerns that e-scooters could discourage people from walking and contribute to obesity. The legalisation of e-scooters will be considered as part of a review of the laws governing Britain’s roads.

Let’s hope everyone stays safe and sticks to the current/future laws.
In 2019, a 15-year-old schoolboy received six points on his driving licence for speeding on an electric scooter, but there was one slight problem… he didn’t have a licence yet.
As the electric scooter phenomenon swept the UK, one kid became slightly more excited with the throttle, which ended with in him in hot water.
The teenager appeared in court in October 2019 after he was caught by police in Cleveland, north-east England, for clocking a “high speed” on a scooter.
Officials did not reveal any more details of the offence, but warned parents of the consequences of buying scooters for their children.
The previous/current (at the very time of writing) law prevents electric scooters taking over is based on an 1835 Highways Act and is way behind those elsewhere in Europe.
In France electric scooters can be ridden on cycle lanes and the pavement, provided riders keep to a speed limit; in Germany pavement riding is legal up to 6km/h (nearly 4mph); and in Austria and Switzerland riders can travel along cycle lanes and on roads at up to 25km/h.
In California, PLEVs are road-legal as long as riders are over 16 and wear helmets.
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