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G-Booster LCD Display charges phone

G-Booster Round LCD Display: How to charge your phone from your Kugoo electric scooter

There are many upgrades for the Kugoo G-Booster, however our favourite is the G-Booster Round LCD Display.
It’s a quick plug and play installation, but one that delivers tenfold when it comes to features.
As well as the stylish round display. It also delivers a backlit colour LCD that is vibrate at night. It also has a trigger throttle that owners love. And it also features a hidden USB port on the rear which allows you to charge your smart phone (or any other device).

Speaking of the latter, it makes the G-Booster Round LCD Display an ideal level up from the original square LCD display that is shipped with all G-Boosters.

Fix this through the handlebars of your scooter and you’re ready for the (private) roads.

G-Booster LCD Display charges phone 2
Charge your device on the go

Installation Instructions:

You can easily charge your phone with this display.

  1. Remove the plug from the port at the back
  2. Plug your USB charger into the port on the back
  3. When plugged into a smart device (we’ve only tested on an iPhone) it registers as a ‘fast’ charger and has a steady flow of 1400+mA/h
  4. Never leave your device unattended while using this charger
  5. WARNING: Charging your phone with your G-Booster electric scooter will naturally reduce battery life and range


Is this easy to install?
Yes, simply remove the original display and attach it to the handlebars. Please be careful when re-attaching the pin connector.
Does this item come with screws?
Yes, it does. It comes with screws and an attachment to fix it to your device.
Does this item come with tools?
No it doesn’t, please use the tools that came with your G-Booster.
Is this an original Kugoo product?
This is an upgrade which is made by the same factory that make the G-Booster.
Can you charge your phone with this display?
Yes, please see the guide below.

About Kugoo:

KUGOO was founded in the year 2015 by a team of experts in the field of E-scooters.
Challenged by the growing number of cars and bikes emitting harmful substances affecting the environment, Kugoo launched its first bestselling “Cool Green” electric scooter protecting the environment and helping millions of people to commute in a new innovative way.
Their engineers and R&D team are ‘highly motivated by the challenges they face while developing state-of-the-art electric scooters.’
Kugoo regards itself as one of the leading e-scooter manufacturers in the world with a wide distributing channel across Europe including countries like Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy and more.