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Lime Scooters coming to Milton Keynes ‘as part of UK takeover’

It’s official, Lime scooters are coming to the UK.

There has been grumblings for a while now that Uber, Lime or Bird Scooters were going to be making a play for the UK person transport market and now it seems Lime will be the ones to kick off the war, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Not content with fighting it out over the streets of San Francisco (and other cities around the world), Lime are coming to our shores… Milton Keynes to be precise.

The paper claim that the $3billion start-up is challenging the big players for power in the growing electric scooter market, and is hiring an operations manager and up to 20 staff, as they launch a UK base.

It’s unclear what this means for scooter users but it’s clear Lime have something up their (bright green) sleeves, when it comes to e-bikes. A Lime spokesman basically gave the game away, and said “we can neither confirm nor deny whether Lime will soon be launching e-bikes in the innovative city of Milton Keynes.”

Lime Scooters or Lime (formally LimeBike) are a US transportation rental company owned by Neutron Holdings, Inc.

According to their website, Lime ‘is founded on the simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility.’ They add that ‘through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles,’ they ‘aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.’