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New “Tougher” Shared Scooter MAX – Powered by Segway looks like a Gamechanger

The all new Shared Scooter MAX – Powered by Segway promises riders extended battery life (with the company claiming 37.5 miles), a larger rear wheel motor (350W) and “flat proof” 10 inch tyres.

The shared scooter market is huge, especially in the States, so as Lime, Bird, Spin, and eventually Uber battle it out, there can be only one winner… the scooter manufacturers. 
That’s why Segway – the US giant who revolutionised the personal electric vehicle in the early naughties and was bought by Ninebot in 2015 – have gone back to basics with the Shared Scooter MAX.
The new scooter stats that it’s “tougher”, offer users a better “better ride experience” and has awesome “trafficability”… yes, that is a word.
It looks like it’s seen what has happened in the industry over the last year and improved on a classic, the much loved Xiaomi M365.

Larger battery – there’s no official capacity stats yet, but the company are claiming one singe charge will get users 37.5 miles
10 inch front and back tyres – these give users a “better ride experience”, “trafficability to various terrains”, and “flat proof”
Built-in 3A high power charger – paired with a 5A super charger, compatible with a variety of sharing operations
Maintenance free – the double brake system provides better safety and stability, according to the video
Aircraft-grade aluminium – alloy frame, sustains up to 1.3 metric ton static load test
Special designed cable – this is to protect against excessive wear and vandalism
350W rear wheel drive – high torque motor “for sustainable propulsion for various terrain”

Looks like a slightly more rugged M365
No folding mechanism
Larger battery means heavier, right?
Flat proof tyres
Looks cool

Segway Inc. was founded in July 1999 to develop non-medical applications for the self-balancing technology, and the Segway PT, a two-wheeled personal transporter, was launched in December 2001, with first deliveries to customers in early 2002.
On April 1, 2015, Segway was acquired by Ninebot Inc., a Beijing-based transportation robotics startup that had raised $80M USD from Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital.