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Kugoo G-Booster: Reviews, UK Price and Everything you Need to Know

Kugoo G-Booster

The Kugoo G-Booster is a beast.

The Kugoo G-Booster [see our latest offers here] is a powerful electric scooter and one that can reach over 55 km/h (34.18 mph).
The G-Booster comes from Kugoo. Their aim is to deliver “Cool Green” electric scooters to protect the environment and help millions of people to commute in a new innovative way.

The overall design is similar to that of the Dualtron and Zero range of electric scooters, but comes in at a more affordable price. There are a range of features that make the scooter stand out; like 10-inch pneumatic tyres, dual 800W motors, 48V/23Ah battery giving a distance of 85km (52.82 miles), 3 Speed Modes, LCD Display and a lot more.

Unlike the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Ninebot ES2, this scooter really does deliver when it comes to both power and speed.

Kugoo G-Booster Folded

Here are the specs:

  • 10-inch Pneumatic Tyres
  • Built-In Front and Rear LED Lights
  • 34.18 mph Top Speed
  • 52.82 Miles Range
  • 35° Hill Gradient
  • IP54 Water-Resistant
  • 10H Charging
  • 48V/23Ah Battery
  • 120KG Weight Load

The latest accessories:

Click here for more Kugoo G-Booster parts and accessories

Two Motors Better Than One

The Kugoo G-Booster has not one, but two 800W motors.
You control the speed according to the different road surface conditions, which makes driving more comfortable and riding more pleasurable.

The dual motor output allows the scooter to easily cope with a gradient as high as 35°. In comparision the original M365 is suitable on just a 10° hill.

10-inch Tyres

The G-Booster comes with chunky 10-Inch pneumatic tyres.
These wear-resistant tyres provide strong grip, great control and maximum safety.
One scoot on the tyres and riders become instantly confident, knowing they are suitable for different kinds of roads.

There are many great features to Kugoo’s star electric scooter and the tyres, control and speed are just some of them.

  • Kugoo G-Booster Side

Dual Disc Brakes

For ultimate control there are front and back disc brakes. This makes the electric scooter much more safe for riders.

Front and Rear Lights

Be seen and be safe.
The G-Booster arrives with both front and extra 2x 10W lights at the front of the scooter too.

Front and Rear Suspension

Comfort, comfort, comfort… With dual suspension there is no terrain the G-Booster won’t be able to handle.

What’s in the Box?

  • Kugoo G-Booster
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Bell
  • 16 in 1 tool kit

How to Change the Settings on the Display

To access the settings menu hold the up/down keys at the same time for several seconds.

To cycle through the menu press the middle/power button.
Change to your desired setting by pressing up and down.
Save your settings by holding the up/down keys at the same time for several seconds.

00 – Calibration of graphic divisions of the battery (The default is 41.5)
01 – Diameter of the rear wheel (The default is 10)
02 – Diameter of the front wheel (15)
03 – Standard speed sensor (1), external 0
04 – Change the settings from KM/H / MPH (very useful for UK riders)
05 – Start from a place off 0, on 1
06 – Cruise control off 0, on 1
07 – Start from the place smooth 0, sharp 1
08 – Power Limit (100)
09 – Odometer
10 – Recuperation is not 0, medium 1, strong 2 (Apparently the effect is not noticeable)
CHA – The number of charges

Original list compiled by luxwheel

What the press think

The G-Booster is getting amazing reviews so far:

KUGOO was founded in the year 2015 by a team of experts in the field of E-scooters.
Challenged by the growing number of cars and bikes emitting harmful substances affecting the environment, Kugoo launched its first bestselling “Cool Green” electric scooter protecting the environment and helping millions of people to commute in a new innovative way.
Their engineers and R&D team are ‘highly motivated by the challenges they face while developing state-of-the-art electric scooters.’
Kugoo regards itself as one of the leading e-scooter manufacturers in the world with a wide distributing channel across Europe including countries like Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy and more.

UK Price

The G-Booster is priced at £1,049.99.

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Electric Scooter Trials Brought Forward to June as UK Government Announce £250m Plan

Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES2 - couple

The UK Government are bringing mobility plans forward amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.
E-scooters trials were due to start in 2021 but will now take place in June as part of a £2m Government plan get people back to work, but keep them away from public transport.

Pop-up bike lanes with protected space for cycling, wider pavements, safer junctions, and cycle and bus-only corridors will be created in England within weeks as part of a £250m emergency active travel fund – the first stage of a bigger investment plan, as part of the £5bn in new funding announced for cycling and buses in February.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “During this crisis, millions of people have discovered cycling – whether for exercise or as a means of safe, socially-distanced transport. While there is no change to the ‘stay at home’ message today, when the country does get back to work we need those people to stay on their bikes and be joined by many more.
“Otherwise, with public transport’s capacity severely restricted at this time, our trains and buses could become overcrowded and our roads gridlocked – holding up emergency services, critical workers and vital supplies.
“We know cars will continue to remain vital for many, but as we look to the future we must build a better country with greener travel habits, cleaner air and healthier communities.”

Electric scooters have been identified globally as a potential solution to the problem of overcrowded trains and busses in the wake of the current health crisis, and for good reason: data clearly indicate that, during times of disruption to local public transit networks, people turn to electric scooters as a safe and efficient alternative.

In Paris alone, Bird ridership increased by close to 300% during December’s city-wide metro strikes. 

“At such a crucial time, it’s inspiring to see the UK Government taking significant strides to accelerate access to shared micromobility – putting safety and climate action at the top of the agenda,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird. “With public transport capacity constrained due to the pandemic e-scooters will provide people with a sustainable and socially responsible transportation option.”

The Department for Transport launch a consultation earlier in the year into proposals to allow e-scooters to share roads with other vehicles for the first time.

It is said that these regulations could mirror those for electric bikes, which are restricted to people aged at least 14.

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Ninebot Max G30: Reviews, UK Price and Everything you Need to Know

Ninebot Max G30 Lifestyle

It’s official, the Ninebot Max G30 is here.

The Max is the latest scooter to arrive from tech giants Ninebot [see our latest offers here] and is officially called the Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 (Powered by Segway).

This electric scooter offers a great solution for comfort riding and long-distance commuting.

Overall the scooter borrows design from the classic Xiaomi Mijia M365 but with an updated dashboard and industry-leading specifications; like 10-inch pneumatic tubeless tyres and an impressive 40.4 miles range from the huge 551Wh battery.

It feels and looks like the bigger sibling to both the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Ninebot ES2.

How it All Started

The Ninebot Max G30 started as a project on Indiegogo – which is “a platform to fund ingenious, work-in-progress products and ideas” – Although contributing to a campaign is not the same as purchasing a product, when you support a crowdfunding project, you help bring ideas to life, according to the site.

In the Max’s case that project was brought to life by 5,754 backers.

On 21 July 2019 Indiegogo reported that the campaign raised £3,759,580.

  • NInebot Max G30 - Angle

Here are the specs:

  • 10-inch Pneumatic Tubeless Tyres
  • Built-In Front and Rear LED Lights
  • 15,5 mph Top Speed
  • 40.4 Miles Range
  • 20% Hill Grade
  • IPX5 Water-Resistant
  • 6H Fast Charging
  • 551Wh Battery
  • 100KG Weight Load

No More ‘Range Anxiety’

The Ninebot Max G30 boasts a super long-range battery pack, including two optional charging solutions, to a maximum range of approximately 40.4 miles.

Therefore, the Max G30 offers the greatest range and distance travelled on the market and allows you to expand your exploration radius at a top speed of up to 15.5mph.

Tubeless Tyres

Not only the 10 Inch tubeless pneumatic tyre provide you pleasant rides, but you will also experience less maintenance: the single tube is provided with an additional jelly layer to the tyre for low puncture risk.

Among the other improvements on the Ninebot MAX G30, a revolutionary upgrade to the propulsion power, which will make you enjoy greater freedom and convenience when you cruise around on your Max.

Ninebot Max G30 Tubeless Tyres

Built-in Charger

The Max features a 3A internal fast charger (cable included) and a secondary external charger port supports up to 5A fast charger (cable sold separately)

Rear Wheel Drive

The Max is powered by a rear 350W motor. Which will help riders up inclines as steep as 20°.

Front and Rear Lights

Be seen and be safe. The Max arrives with both front and rear lights and front and rear reflectors.

What’s in the Box?

  • Ninebot Max G30
  • Power Adapter
  • Plug
  • Extending Nozzle
  • T-shaped Wrench
  • Screws x6
  • User Manual

What the press think

The Max is getting great reviews so far:


Ninebot Inc., a Beijing-based transportation robotics startup that had raised $80M USD from Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital


Segway Inc. was founded in July 1999 to develop non-medical applications for the self-balancing technology, and the Segway PT, a two-wheeled personal transporter, was launched in December 2001, with first deliveries to customers in early 2002.
On April 1, 2015, Segway was acquired by Ninebot Inc., a Beijing-based transportation robotics startup that had raised $80M USD from Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital.

UK Price

The Max is priced at £699.99.

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Electric Scooters UK COVID-19 coronavirus response

Electric scooters uk covid-19

Will Electric Scooters UK remain open during COVID-19 national lockdown?

Electric Scooters UK COVID-19 coronavirus response (9am Tuesday 24th March 2020):

  • The servicing centre is temporarily closed but our website,, will remain open for business online
  • We’re monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus very closely
  • We’re following announcements from the Government and the World Health Organisation.
  • We will be keeping this page live and updated on a regular basis, adding relevant information as and when we have any updates.

Following the announcement on 23rd March, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our Servicing Centre and suspend all collections from ESUK HQ in Basildon, from 9am Tuesday 24th March.

Our website,, will remain open for business online with deliveries continuing via Royal Mail and TNT (please see statements from them regarding delivery times below).

Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we want to reassure customers that we are taking all necessary steps to follow the guidance given by the Government and the World Health Organisation.

The Electric Scooters UK COVID-19 response is clear. In recent weeks we have recalled all stock from our warehouses and can reassure customers that all stock is shipped from one location, our Basildon, Essex HQ. Also, in the last few weeks no stock has been imported from overseas.

ESUK’s priority is making sure that we are operating in a way which protects the health and wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and business partners.                                                                                                        
We have a small team and work to strict health & safety guidelines and we are continually working with our delivery partners to make sure that we are operating in the safest way possible.

All ESUK accessories are sent via Royal Mail…

A statement from Royal Mail:
Royal Mail remains open for business. The postal service is a key part of the UK’s infrastructure. The delivery of parcels and letters is a way of keeping the country together, businesses operating, and helping many people who may not have the option to leave their homes. We continue to work hard to collect, process and deliver as much mail and parcels as possible in difficult circumstances. 

[Royal Mail] will continue providing the best delivery service for you and protect the health of our people, and our customers. [RM] have provided guidance to our people to help prevent the spread of any infection. [Royal Mail] are doing so in line with preventative guidance from Public Health Authority. [RM] have also made a series of adjustments to our parcel handling procedures. We are keeping our ways of working under continuous review. 

[Royal Mail] thank you for your patience. We are working hard to deliver the UK’s mail in unprecedented times. 

International delivery
We are working with our airline and postal/courier partners across the globe to maintain services.
Royal Mail’s international services to the USA remain operational. We continue to accept and process mail.

– Royal Mail

All ESUK scooters are sent via TNT…

A statement from TNT:
The impact of COVID-19 is causing local, state, and national governments in Europe and around the world to issue work and travel restrictions on a daily basis, which are impacting the ability of all FedEx group companies to meet our high standards of service. TNT will continue operating as such restrictions and regulations allow, but we may not be able to meet the published delivery times for some of our products, due to events beyond our control. We are grateful to our customers for their patience and support during this time, and our teams are doing everything they can to ensure we continue to deliver for you all in these challenging times.



But bike shops remain open, why can’t you?

That is true, bike shops will be allowed to remain open in the UK after prime minister Boris Johnson announced that all “non-essential” shops must now shut due to the spread of COVID-19.

We are trying to do our best in these unprecedented times and are available on the phone if any customers have any servicing needs. However, according to the prime minister you should only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home).

In an announcement made on Monday 23rd March, Johnson said the public will only be allowed to leave their home for the following purposes:

– shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible
– one form of exercise a day – for example, a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household
– any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
– travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home

Bicycle shops are however excluded from the list of retail businesses that must close, alongside supermarkets and other food shops, health shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, home and hardware shops, laundrettes and dry cleaners, garages, car rentals, pet shops, corner shops, newsagents, post offices and banks.

The restrictions will be kept under “constant review”, said Johnson, and will be looked at again in three weeks.

Didn’t I read that scooters were soon going to be made legal?

Yes, ministers were in consultation about passing laws to make scooters road legal, according to reports.

Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

ESUK thank you for your patience.

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Electric Scooters ‘Ready for the Roads’ as Department for Transport Finalise Plans

Electric Scooters ready for the roads

Electric Scooters ready for the roads, although it is thought that some restrictions will be in place, like the banning of under-14s.

The Department for Transport will launch a consultation today into proposals to allow e-scooters to share roads with other vehicles for the first time, according to The Times.

A few months ago officials started to prepare plans regarding the legalisation of escooters and now it seems they’re ready.

It is thought that all options will be considered as the Department of Transport review regulations and finalise plans.

It is said that these regulations could mirror those for electric bikes, which are restricted to people aged at least 14.

Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES2 - friends
Alternatively, they could bring a tougher minimum age of 16 in line with the law for mopeds.

Ecooters will be expected to be equipped with “speed inhibitors” that will limit their speed to 15.5mph. Much like the Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro.

There will also be questions over whether helmets should be compulsory on e-scooters. 

The consultation – the first stage in legalising e-scooters in the UK – will also consider whether users should take out insurance cover because of risk of pedestrians being hit at the maximum speed of devices.

Additionally, it will consider whether local councils will need extra powers to manage the change in the law.

Are Electric Scooters ready for the roads? The consultation will be followed by trials in cities, with a potential nationwide introduction if they are successful.

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Electric Scooters to be legalised in the UK

It’s official. The UK Government have finally sorted small things like Brexit and General Elections to focus on more pressing matters, like the legalisation of electric scooters. That’s right, electric scooters to be legalised.

Escooters will be legalised on roads and cycle lanes for the first time under government plans to encourage green transport.

MPs are expected to launch a consultation in February 2020 on how to regulate electric scooters and ensure safety.

The consultation will be followed by trials in cities, with a potential nationwide introduction if they are successful.

Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES2 - couple

Now we know that electric scooters to be legalised, as we’ve previously predicted, it’s expected that electric scooters should be treated like bicycles and allowed on roads and cycle lanes.

It is thought that ecooters will be expected to be equipped with “speed inhibitors” that will limit their speed to 15.5mph. Much like the Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro.

There will also be questions over whether helmets should be compulsory on e-scooters. There has also been some pushback in from the top amid concerns that e-scooters could discourage people from walking and contribute to obesity. The legalisation of e-scooters will be considered as part of a review of the laws governing Britain’s roads.

Let’s hope everyone stays safe and sticks to the current/future laws.
In 2019, a 15-year-old schoolboy received six points on his driving licence for speeding on an electric scooter, but there was one slight problem… he didn’t have a licence yet.
As the electric scooter phenomenon swept the UK, one kid became slightly more excited with the throttle, which ended with in him in hot water.
The teenager appeared in court in October 2019 after he was caught by police in Cleveland, north-east England, for clocking a “high speed” on a scooter.
Officials did not reveal any more details of the offence, but warned parents of the consequences of buying scooters for their children.
The previous/current (at the very time of writing) law prevents electric scooters taking over is based on an 1835 Highways Act and is way behind those elsewhere in Europe.
In France electric scooters can be ridden on cycle lanes and the pavement, provided riders keep to a speed limit; in Germany pavement riding is legal up to 6km/h (nearly 4mph); and in Austria and Switzerland riders can travel along cycle lanes and on roads at up to 25km/h.
In California, PLEVs are road-legal as long as riders are over 16 and wear helmets.
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M365 Error Codes – why is my M365 or M365 Pro beeping?

M365 Pro MJ1048 - Dashboard

Looking for M365 error codes?

If your Xiaomi M365 and/or M365 Pro is beeping/flashing and you’re fearing the worse, then you’ve come to the right place.

How can I tell which codes are which?

M365 and M365 Pro error codes are two digits.
1 – The first is a long signal
2 – The second is a short signal

This code error formula may vary depending on the firmware of future updates.
The M365 Pro also displays the error on the dashboard.

To save you a load of time (and to stop you hunting around for Xiaomi M365 and Xiaomi M365 Pro error codes), we’ve compiled a list of useful error codes:


10 – Bluetooth (BLE) module communication error (Bluetooth module)
11 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MOSFET error
12 – Current sensors calibration error
13 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MOSFET error
14 – Throttle and brake errors
15 – Throttle and brake errors
16 – Undefined
17 – Undefined
18 – Motor Hall sensors error
19 – Undefined
20 – Undefined
21 – BMS communication error
22 – Bad BMS serial number/password
23 – Bad BMS serial number/abnormal error
24 – Wrong supply voltage
25 – Undefined

26 – Check the controller (Save operation in the Flash memory maybe wrong)
27 – Bad controller password
28 – MOSFET error
29 – ESC has wrong serial number in memory or “not activated”
28 – MOSFET error
29 – MOSFET is abnormal
30 – Undefined
31 – Program error
32 – Undefined
33 – Undefined
34 – Undefined
35 – Serial number of the scooter is wrong
36 – Battery temperature sensor error or device is overheating
37 – Undefined
38 – Undefined
39 – Scooter temperature is abnormal
40 – Main controller temperature sensor error or overheating


Xiaomi M365 servicing? Yes please.
The Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro are amazing electric scooters. That’s why they’re the world’s most popular scooters.
If, like us, you enjoy playing with your favourite toy all the time it can be prone to the odd setback.
Through no fault of your own – with punctures and the harsh reality of the concrete jungle – Xiaomi M365 tyres and parts can sometimes take a knock or two.
If your scooter needs some TLC simply drop the servicing team a line.

Always use both electric brake and foot brake for emergency stopping. Otherwise you risk falls and/or collisions from not achieving the max. braking capability.
Do not connect the charger if the charge port or charge cable is wet.
Do not wash your KickScooter with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, or other corrosive/volatile solvents. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of your KickScooter. Do not wash your KickScooter with a power washer or hose.

Original lists compiled by @CamiAlfa and MiMod

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Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 Unboxing – First look at the ebike

Xiaomi Qicycle

The Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 has been given an upgrade.
Not content with just upgrading their ever-popular M365 electric scooter, the Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 now has a new and improved version.
That right, after three years Xiaomi’s Qicycle EF1 has a new look and it’s even more futuristic.
This new version retains the high-quality aircraft-grade aluminium frame, but is a touch boxier, as you can see from the latest pictures.
It’s still small and compact, weighing in at 18kg and measures 1530 mm x 205 mm x 1040 mm.

Xiaomi Qicycle - handlebar

The new Qicycle is really easy to handle too – much like a motorcycle, with the right grip you can make the EF1 accelerate, while with the left you can change the gears – as well as turn on the LED light. Sweet, right?
And here’s that unboxing…

Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 Key Spec:

  • Shimano three-speed internal gear hub
  • LCD screen
  • 18kgs
  • 1530 mm x 205 mm x 1040 mm
  • 4-hour charging time
  • Electric motor with up to 25 kph max speed
  • 5,200 mAh, 36V battery with 40 km range
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Compatible with Mi Home

A closer look at the display

Chinese vs International

The differences between the Chinese and International Version of the previous ebike.

Looks like Xiaomi have done it again. We can’t wait until this lands in Europe.

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ESUK+ a new Xiaomi M365 tyre servicing subscription

M365 Servicing

Xiaomi M365 tyre servicing? Yes please.
The Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro are amazing electric scooters. That’s why they’re the world’s most popular scooters.
If, like us, you enjoy playing with your favourite toy all the time it can be prone to the odd setback.
Through no fault of your own – with punctures and the harsh reality of the concrete jungle – Xiaomi M365 tyres and parts can sometimes take a knock or two.
You never know when you’ll be in need of M365 tyre servicing.
We know this because we’ve been riding the Xiaomi M365 for years. We’ve had to change the tyres, adjust the brakes and change parts.
And we know this because we love the machine just as much as you.
In fact, we love the device so much we’re launching a service that’s never been done before. A subscription service that allows customers to let someone else worry about their electric scooter.

Xiaomi M365 Servicing

For those in the UK who sign up, we’ll collect, advise, explain, fix, replace and return your beloved device.
There will also be monthly giveaways, discounts and exclusive competitions.
Subscribers will also get limited edition products, early access to coupon codes and a whole lot more.
If this is something you like the sound of, please ask the ESUK+ team for more info and ask how you can sign up for a limited place.

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Spread the cost with Klarna

Electric Scooters UK accept Klarna

Introducing Klarna and two new methods to pay.
We’re delighted to announce that Electric Scooters UK has now added Klarna to our site, which allows customers to buy now and pay later.

That’s right, you asked and we listened.
One of the most common questions asked to our team – apart from ‘should I get an M365 or ES2?’ – is ‘do you offer finance?’ or ‘can I buy now and pay later?’
Well, we’re pleased to announce that Klarna offers two new ways of payment.

ESUK customers can now…
Pay later in 30 days
Shop now and get up to 30 days to pay for your order. No interest and no fees.

Slice it in 3
Pay in 3 equal, interest-free payments, free of charge.

So how does Klarna work?
1 – At checkout, select Klarna as your payment option and continue
2 – Enter simple information and know instantly if your purchase has been accepted
3 – Receive a confirmation email outlining your purchase, due date(s), and other useful information
4 – Contact Klarna customer service at any time with questions about your purchase, or head to their Customer Service FAQs

Sound good?
Well, it gets even better. After your first Klarna purchase, your future checkouts are complete with just one-click, including all other merchants in the Klarna network.

For Pay in 30 days
You must be at least 18 years old
Get your goods before you pay
No interest, fees or credit application
Sit back and relax. Klarna will notify you when payment is due

For Slice it in 3
You must…
-be 18 years’ old, or more!
-have a valid mobile number and email address
-have a UK residential address
-have a UK bank account with good credit history
-have a credit/debit card that’s valid for 60 days or more from the ESUK order date

Will Klarna run a credit search?
Klarna may run a soft credit search that do not affect credit scoring and are only visible to you and Klarna, but not visible to other lenders. Neither Klarna nor Electric Scooters UK run credit searches against you that could impact your credit rating.

More on Klarna
Click here for FAQs or Klarna’s Customer Service

0203 0050 833 or Freephone: 0808 1893 333

We have updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as a result of introducing Klarna to Electric Scooters UK