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ESUK+ a new Xiaomi M365 tyre servicing subscription

M365 Servicing

Xiaomi M365 tyre servicing? Yes please.
The Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro are amazing electric scooters. That’s why they’re the world’s most popular scooters.
If, like us, you enjoy playing with your favourite toy all the time it can be prone to the odd setback.
Through no fault of your own – with punctures and the harsh reality of the concrete jungle – Xiaomi M365 tyres and parts can sometimes take a knock or two.
You never know when you’ll be in need of M365 tyre servicing.
We know this because we’ve been riding the Xiaomi M365 for years. We’ve had to change the tyres, adjust the brakes and change parts.
And we know this because we love the machine just as much as you.
In fact, we love the device so much we’re launching a service that’s never been done before. A subscription service that allows customers to let someone else worry about their electric scooter.

Xiaomi M365 Servicing

For those in the UK who sign up, we’ll collect, advise, explain, fix, replace and return your beloved device.
There will also be monthly giveaways, discounts and exclusive competitions.
Subscribers will also get limited edition products, early access to coupon codes and a whole lot more.
If this is something you like the sound of, please ask the ESUK+ team for more info and ask how you can sign up for a limited place.

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Spread the cost with Klarna

Electric Scooters UK accept Klarna

Introducing Klarna and two new methods to pay.
We’re delighted to announce that Electric Scooters UK has now added Klarna to our site, which allows customers to buy now and pay later.

That’s right, you asked and we listened.
One of the most common questions asked to our team – apart from ‘should I get an M365 or ES2?’ – is ‘do you offer finance?’ or ‘can I buy now and pay later?’
Well, we’re pleased to announce that Klarna offers two new ways of payment.

ESUK customers can now…
Pay later in 30 days
Shop now and get up to 30 days to pay for your order. No interest and no fees.

Slice it in 3
Pay in 3 equal, interest-free payments, free of charge.

So how does Klarna work?
1 – At checkout, select Klarna as your payment option and continue
2 – Enter simple information and know instantly if your purchase has been accepted
3 – Receive a confirmation email outlining your purchase, due date(s), and other useful information
4 – Contact Klarna customer service at any time with questions about your purchase, or head to their Customer Service FAQs

Sound good?
Well, it gets even better. After your first Klarna purchase, your future checkouts are complete with just one-click, including all other merchants in the Klarna network.

For Pay in 30 days
You must be at least 18 years old
Get your goods before you pay
No interest, fees or credit application
Sit back and relax. Klarna will notify you when payment is due

For Slice it in 3
You must…
-be 18 years’ old, or more!
-have a valid mobile number and email address
-have a UK residential address
-have a UK bank account with good credit history
-have a credit/debit card that’s valid for 60 days or more from the ESUK order date

Will Klarna run a credit search?
Klarna may run a soft credit search that do not affect credit scoring and are only visible to you and Klarna, but not visible to other lenders. Neither Klarna nor Electric Scooters UK run credit searches against you that could impact your credit rating.

More on Klarna
Click here for FAQs or Klarna’s Customer Service

0203 0050 833 or Freephone: 0808 1893 333

We have updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as a result of introducing Klarna to Electric Scooters UK

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Xiaomi recalling 7,800 M365 electric scooters in UK due to ‘loose screws in a specific batch’

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is recalling more than 10,000 electric scooters worldwide, warning a loose screw in a ‘specific batch’ of the scooters’ folding mechanism is at fault.
Xiaomi have insisted that only scooters produced between 27 October and 5 December 2018 are affected.
“As such, we are encouraging all those who purchased this product to immediately stop using the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (M365) until they have determined whether their scooter is part of the recall,” Xiaomi stated in its safety warning.
The electronics firm have setup a system on their site so M365 owners can check if their device is at risk.
Visit here to check.

The site reads: ‘We recently became aware of a potential safety issue with the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter (Model: M365), as it was determined that in a limited number of production units, a screw in the folding apparatus has the potential to come loose, causing the vertical component to break from the main body while in use. There are 10257 affected units, these were produced between October 27, 2018 and December 5, 2018, and are primarily concentrated in the United Kingdom (7849pcs). Other affected regions are: Germany (613pcs), Spain (509pcs), Denmark (258pcs), Kazakhstan (200pcs), Myanmar (175pcs), Colombia (97pcs), Turkey (80pcs), Laos (79pcs), Italy (37pcs), Hungary (34pcs), Greece (31pcs), Korea (30pcs), Macau (25pc), United Arab Emirates (22pcs), Belgium (17pc), Portugal (16pcs), Singapore (14pcs), Russia (1pc) , Thailand (1pc), and unidentified (169pcs). (The above information may differ due to free transfer among different regions, which may not be accurate.)’

Xiaomi has urged owners not to try to fix any issue themselves if they notice anything wrong with their scooters.
Consumers can visit the Xiaomi website and enter the scooter’s serial number in a box to check if their scooter is affected.
Xiaomi promises that within 72 hours consumers will receive additional information about the scooter’s repair which will be at no cost to the user.

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Xiaomi M365 Pro (MJ1048) guide – Everything you need to know about the 2019 Electric Scooter

M365 Pro

Chinese tech giants Xiaomi have announced the M365 Pro (or the Mi Electric Scooter Pro – MJ1048 to give it the official name and product number) and it’s already looking very impressive.
Overall the 2019 edition of the scooter has the same classic design as the original Xiaomi Mijia M365 but the first thing fans will notice is it’s updated dashboard.

Continue reading Xiaomi M365 Pro (MJ1048) guide – Everything you need to know about the 2019 Electric Scooter
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Ninebot ES2 Error Codes – why is my ES1 ES2 ES4 beeping?

Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES2 - woman

If your Ninebot by Segway ES2 KickScooter is beeping and flashing, you’ve come to the right spot. Alongside the alert you’ll also find yourself staring at Ninebot ES2 Error Codes code on the dashboard, trying to work out what is going on.

To save you a load of time (and to stop you hunting around for Ninebot ES2 error codes), we’ve compiled with a list of useful error codes:

10 – Dashboard and control board communication abnormal check connected cable (Dashboard, control board)
11 – Motor A phase current abnormal, check control board (Control board)
12 – Motor B phase current abnormal, check control board (Control board)
13 – Motor C phase current abnormal, check control board (Control board)
14 – Throttle hall abnormal, check electric throttle, dashboard and connected cable (Dashboard, electric throttle)
15 – Brake hall abnormal, check electric brake, dashboard and connected cable (Dashboard, electric brake)
16 – Battery change MOS abnormal, check control board (Control board)
17 – External battery change MOS abnormal, check control board (Control board)
18 – Motor hall abnormal, check motor, control board, connected cable (Control board, motor)
19 – Battery voltage abnormal, check battery, control board, connected cable (Control board, battery)
20 – External battery voltage abnormal, check battery, control board, connected cable (Control board, motor)
21 – Battery communication failed, check battery, control board, connected cable (Battery)
22 –
Battery code failed, change battery (Battery)
23 –
Battery default serial number, change battery (Battery)
24 –
System voltage test abnormal, check control board (Control board, battery, external battery)
25 –
26 –
Flash saving error, check control board (Control board)
27 –
Control code error, change control board (Control board)
28 –
Motor driver mos up-bridge short circuit (Control board))
29 –
Motor driver mos down-bridge short circuit (Control board)
30 –
31 –
Program skip error, check control board (Control board)
32 –
33 –
34 –
35 –
Unit has default serial number, change control board (Control board)
36 –
37 –
38 –
39 –
Battery temperature sensor abnormal, change battery (Battery)
40 –
Control board temperature abnormal, check control board (Control board, battery)
41 –
External battery temperature abnormal, change external battery (External battery)
42 –
External battery communication error, check external battery, control board, connected cable (Control board, external battery)
43 –
External battery code error, change external battery (External battery)
44 –
External has default serial number, change external battery (External battery)
45 – Undefined
46 – Undefined
47 – Undefined
48 – Undefined
49 – Undefined
50 – Undefined

Always use both electric brake and foot brake for emergency stopping. Otherwise you risk falls and/or collisions from not achieving the max. braking capability.
Do not connect the charger if the charge port or charge cable is wet.
Do not wash your KickScooter with alcohol, gasoline, acetone, or other corrosive/volatile solvents. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of your KickScooter. Do not wash your KickScooter with a power washer or hose.

Original list compiled by Ian Sampson

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New “Tougher” Shared Scooter MAX – Powered by Segway looks like a Gamechanger

The all new Shared Scooter MAX – Powered by Segway promises riders extended battery life (with the company claiming 37.5 miles), a larger rear wheel motor (350W) and “flat proof” 10 inch tyres.

The shared scooter market is huge, especially in the States, so as Lime, Bird, Spin, and eventually Uber battle it out, there can be only one winner… the scooter manufacturers. 
That’s why Segway – the US giant who revolutionised the personal electric vehicle in the early naughties and was bought by Ninebot in 2015 – have gone back to basics with the Shared Scooter MAX.
The new scooter stats that it’s “tougher”, offer users a better “better ride experience” and has awesome “trafficability”… yes, that is a word.
It looks like it’s seen what has happened in the industry over the last year and improved on a classic, the much loved Xiaomi M365.

Larger battery – there’s no official capacity stats yet, but the company are claiming one singe charge will get users 37.5 miles
10 inch front and back tyres – these give users a “better ride experience”, “trafficability to various terrains”, and “flat proof”
Built-in 3A high power charger – paired with a 5A super charger, compatible with a variety of sharing operations
Maintenance free – the double brake system provides better safety and stability, according to the video
Aircraft-grade aluminium – alloy frame, sustains up to 1.3 metric ton static load test
Special designed cable – this is to protect against excessive wear and vandalism
350W rear wheel drive – high torque motor “for sustainable propulsion for various terrain”

Looks like a slightly more rugged M365
No folding mechanism
Larger battery means heavier, right?
Flat proof tyres
Looks cool

Segway Inc. was founded in July 1999 to develop non-medical applications for the self-balancing technology, and the Segway PT, a two-wheeled personal transporter, was launched in December 2001, with first deliveries to customers in early 2002.
On April 1, 2015, Segway was acquired by Ninebot Inc., a Beijing-based transportation robotics startup that had raised $80M USD from Xiaomi and Sequoia Capital.

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Harley Davidson unveils Electric Scooter at X Games – and we’d LOVE them to make it

Harley Davidson has unveiled TWO new electric vehicle concepts, and one of them is an electric scooter.

Known for it’s rugged, all-American petrol-drinking two-wheeled behemoths, you wouldn’t think the US motorbike maker would embrace all things eco, but that’s exactly what message they’re said at the X Games in Aspen, Colorado last week.

Harley revealed, what looked like an impressive scooter and a machine that resembles more of a mountain bike.

Both models ’embrace their electric powerplants’ and ‘put raw emotion into the equation of the future’ through unique designs’, according to the press release.

Should the vehicles come to the market, they would not require any motorcycle license and the battery packs can be charged by plugging it into a wall.

Following a slump in sales over the last four years, the 116-year-old brand motorcycle brand is now looking at capturing a younger market.

Recent numbers show that around 46% of Harley Davidson riders are over 50 and only about 10 per cent are 30-34. 

The company are said to have invested $50 million (£38mn) in electric technology as it tries to appeal to younger, more socially-conscious buyers. 

Last year, the US company unveiled an electric bike, called the LimeWire, which will be launched this Autumn in North America and western Europe. 

The bike will take you from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, which is always nice.

A prototype for the vehicle was driven by Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow in the 2015 Marvel blockbuster The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

No prices have been released on any of their electric vehicles, but ESUK expect them to bring a tear to the eye of any would-be owners.

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BMW to launch new X2City Electric Scooter – but it comes with a hefty price tag

Designed for the young, urban audience, the BMW X2City will be launched in Europe in just over a week.
The electric scooter is from BMW Motorrad and comes with cool features like a 408 Wh capacity lithium-ion battery and a USB port to charge your phone.
Much like the X2City’s older siblings, it also comes with a hefty price tag.
Billed as the perfect city companion, the BMW X2City has a small electric motor that lets the scooter fly through the city at speeds of up to 20 km/h. After the rider has accelerated the scooter to 6 km/h, he can further increase the speed with a pedal. In addition, they can choose settings from the handlebars to hit speeds from 8, 12, 16, 18 and 20 km/h.

The electric scooter draws its power from a 408 Wh capacity lithium-ion battery integrated into the footboard. 
The German company are stating you can hit distances between 20-30km and the battery can be fully recharged to an ordinary household plug in just 2.5 hours.
It can also be used while driving to power your smartphone and more, with a handy USB port.
The BMW X2City comes in grey, blue, red or black and sales start on February 4 through the specialist dealers.
The price in Germany starts at €2,399.

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Wear a helmet: New study shows only 4 percent of injured riders wore headgear

Wear a helmet. It’s that simple.
We can’t stress this enough. Don’t wait for a new study to prove what ESUK have been saying for a long, long time. Wear a helmet.
New research from UCLA finds 1 in 3 people involved in accidents with electric scooters sustain serious injuries and end up in the hospital. 
Fractures, head injuries and soft-tissue injuries were the most common. 
Researchers also found only about 4 percent injured scooter riders were wearing helmets.
“In this study of a case series, 249 patients presented to the emergency department with injuries associated with electric scooter use during a 1-year period, with 10.8% of patients younger than 18 years,” says the paper by Tarak K. Trivedi, Charles Liu, and Anna Liza M. Antonio, which was published on January 25th.
“The most common injuries were fractures (31.7%), head injuries (40.2%), and soft-tissue injuries (27.7%).”
“Only 10 riders were documented as wearing a helmet, constituting 4.4% of all riders,” the report notes. “Twelve patients (4.8%) had physician-documented intoxication or a blood alcohol level greater than 0.05%.”
In addition to clinical work, the research team took to L.A. streets and sidewalks to document the wayward conduct of scooter users. “A total of 193 scooter riders were observed during 3 public observation sessions, and the following unsafe riding practices were observed: no helmet use (182 riders [94.3%]), tandem riding (15 riders [7.8%]), and failure to comply with traffic laws (18 riders [9.3%]). Additionally, many riders were observed to be riding on the sidewalk (51 riders [26.4%]), where scooter use is prohibited.

Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES2 - friends
Why aren’t the ladies wearing helmets in this promo ad?

Conclusion: “Riders share roads with fast-moving vehicular traffic but appear to underestimate hazards.” As a result, researchers say, new laws are likely needed to curtail the urban onslaught.
“While riders of electric scooters in California are required to be at least 16 years old by state law and 18 years old by company rental agreements, we found that 10.8% of electric scooter injuries were in patients younger than 18 years. This suggests that current self-enforced regulations imposed by private electric scooter companies may be inadequate.”
Further research, the report says, is needed to “examine the effects of bikeway availability and speed limits, which may modify the occurrence of injuries associated with electric scooter use. It would also be meaningful to characterise the costs incurred by patients and the health care system from trauma associated with electric scooter use.”
The study adds: “Among scooter riders, the most common mechanisms of injury were fall (183 riders [80.2%]), collision with an object (25 riders [11.0%]), and being hit by a moving vehicle or object (20 riders [8.8%]). “