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G-Booster Antitheft Remote Alarm - works with 36-48v electric scooters

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  • Recommended product
  • Ready to install
  • Works perfectly with the G-Booster
  • Adds motion alarm
  • Ads super loud siren
  • Comes with two key fobs
  • No other device like it for the G-Booster

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If you want to replace your key ignition with a new, innovative way to protect and start your G-Booster this Kugoo G-Booster antitheft remote alarm is the one for you…

We’ve unearthed quite a few accessories for the G-Booster but this one is up there with the best.
This device will allow you to replace the key ignition for a cool new remote control.
Once you park up or go to put away your scooter, press a single button and you can shutdown and alarm your beloved device at the same time.
This action will immobilise the G-Booster, so therefore the next time it’s moved, or knocked or disturbed, a high-pitched, sharp alarm will sound.
The alarm will only stop when the movement has stopped or when the button is pressed.

How does it work?

  • Press the ‘Arm’ button to lock and immobilised your electric scooter. This will also activate the alarm.
  • And press the ‘Disarm’ button and you’ll then be able to access the ‘Ignition’
  • The press the ‘Ignition’ button and you’ll be able to start the G-booster on the LED display
  • Press the ‘Alarm’ button to make the alarm will sound at any point

Gbooster remote control instructions

Installation Instructions

  • Remove the deck of the electric scooter to access the main controller (B)
  • Follow the wire from the key ignition that connects with the main controller (B)
  • Swap the new Remote Alarm wire for the Key Ignition
  • An additional wiring diagram will be provided after purchase

Who is the for?

Those who needs that added security.
This item works perfectly with the Kugoo G-Booster, with no soldering required.
Also works with other electric scooters but they may require soldering. Please do not fit on any other device unless you’re sure it will work.

This device has been tested on and works with the following devices:
– Kugoo G-Booster

What do you get with this:

  • 1x G-Booster antitheft remote alarm
  • 2x Remote Alarm keys
  • 1x wiring diagram


  • Each set of keys match each alarm with a unique code. Please place youR spare key in a safe, secure place.
  • If you remove the key ignition you will lose access to the voltmeter. However on the LCD display you’ll still be able to see the remaining voltage and battery level.
  • Despite looking shiny and metal the key fob is made of plastic.


Does this item come with screws?
This item does not come with the screws to attach it to your G-Booster.
Does this item come with tools?
No it doesn’t, but you’ll need to fasten it to the inside of the deck.
Is this an original Kugoo product?
This is a highly recommended third party the G-Booster.
Is this easy to install?
Yes, just takes a little bit of learning the right wires to swap.
What will happen if I open my scooter?
When you’re finished, you may want to apply/re-apply silicone sealant to the deck to reseal your electric scooter to help protect it from the elements.
To make this fit my G-Booster do I have to solder anything?

Extended FAQs:

Why does my electric scooter need an alarm?
A properly fitted (and loud) alarm can act as a real deterrent to thieves, but it’s absolutely true that a determined and no-good person might take the scooter then rip the panels off to get at the blaring siren. Those are the videos we see on social media, but what nobody ever shares is footage of the motorcycles, bikes and scooters that weren’t touched because the thief was scared off by the noise.
This is a great extra level of protection just make sure it’s properly installed and it should give you many years of trouble-free service.

The installation of this device does not mean your G-Booster can now be left unattended for any period of time.
This antitheft remote control is a deterrent and not a device that should be relied on to protect your scooter from thieves.
Please keep one eye on your scooter at all times.
Unattended scooters are left at the customers own risk. Electric Scooters UK take no responsibility for stolen or damaged devices.

Please install with caution.
We recommend that you take a photo of your scooter’s electrics before installation of the device.
Under no circumstances should this be installed when your device is charging.
When you’re finished we also recommend resealing your device with silicone for added protection against water, dust, etc.

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