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Kugoo G-Booster New Controller - 2020 Black Display Version - Original Stock

£90.00£190.00 - NEW!!!

  • Original product
  • Easy to install
  • Genuine part
  • Comes with instructions
  • One year warranty on all original Kugoo accessories
  • PLEASE NOTE: This does not work with the older square display

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Problems with your G-Booster? Having issues with the speed on your electric scooter? Make it right with this original Kugoo G-Booster New Controller for Boosters with the 2020 all-black display.

Stop struggling with a broken escooter and get yours sorted today.
This controller is the same as the one that came with your G-Booster (with the all-black display).
Made from high quality materials that will help maintain your electric scooters speed and keep you on the road longer.

Compatible with the 2020 Kugoo G-Booster and other similar electric scooters.

This product also comes with the voltage stepdown (please select the right option) attached so you don’t have to struggle when connecting your lights.

What's in the box:

Depending on which variant you go for:

  • 1x Kugoo G-Booster Controller (Controller A) – NEW VERSION

  • 1x Kugoo G-Booster Controller (Controller B w/ voltage stepdown for lights) – NEW VERSION

  • Or 2x Kugoo G-Booster Controllers (Controller A and Controller B w/ voltage stepdown for lights) – NEW VERSIONS


Does my G-Booster need Controller A or Controller B or both?
If you’re having problems with your front motor and connectivity to the display you need Controller A.
Having problems with your back motor and connectivity to the display? Then you need Controller B.
Sometimes speed and connectivity issues will need both Controller A and B.
My display is showing that I have a connectivity issue with my Controller, how do I fix this?
Diagnose which Controller is having the issue and replace it.
Why do I need a new Controller anyway?
You might not need a new Controller, but unless you know how to fix your current Controller (which may require soldering), it’s always recommended to simply replace it.
Is this an original Kugoo product?
This is exactly the same as the ignition that comes with 2020 G-Boosters.

Compatibility FAQs

Does this work with the older 2020 Kugoo G-Booster with the square display?
The older G-Booster is slightly different. To get it to work you will have also have to change the display and both Controllers. 
My G-Booster display looks like this, can I get this Controller to work with it?
That is the 2020 G-Booster, they will work perfectly fine with that version of the G-Booster.
What other scooters does this work on?
So far we know that this works on the newer G-Booster.

Will this work in an M4/ M4 Pro?
No, the M4/M4 Pro controller is slightly different.
Who is this accessory for?
Those who need a genuine replacement for their G-Booster.

Kugoo G-Booster New Controller - A and B

Why buy genuine parts?

These genuine/original parts are like the ones that came with the electric scooter.
They are often referred to as OE (which stands for Original Equipment), genuine or original but they are the parts your electric scooter was fitted with when it was made in the factory.

Unless stated otherwise they will come in a sealed manufacturer branded box or factory sealed bag. They’re the safest option because you know what you’re buying will fit your electric scooter and have the manufacturer’s guarantee.

If your electric scooter is still under the maker’s warranty it will remain valid. The downside is, these parts are generally the most expensive due to quality control and the premium materials used

Kugoo G-Booster New Controller - A and B - Tick Yes

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm

G-Booster NEW Controller A, G-Booster NEW Controller A and B w/ Voltage Stepdown, G-Booster NEW Controller B w/ Voltage Stepdown



Country of Origin



Kugoo G-Booster Frame and Body


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