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Kugoo G-Booster Seat – Original Genuine Stock - Shipped from the UK


  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Original product
  • Shipped (Tracked) Next Day from the UK (no need to wait 3-4+ weeks)
  • One year warranty on all original Kugoo accessories

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Thinking about getting a Kugoo G-Booster seat? Look no further than this genuine original.
For those looking for a relaxing ride, this easy to install seat for the G-Booster is everything you’ve been waiting for.
Exactly the same genuine seat as the one shipped with some G-Boosters.
It’s fully foldable and fully adjustable – with a height range of 44-60cm – and ideal for a comfortable commute.
Folds flat and is removable should you wish to ride without it. The unique designs allows for the deck plate to stay in place so the rider can add the seat easily next time.
Suspension pole makes it comfortable and adjusts to you.
Ride in style.

What’s in the box:

  • Comfortable G-Booster Seat
  • Suspension pole
  • Metal nuts, bolts, hooks and audjustable clamp
  • Metal deck plate


Does this item come with screws?
Yes, it has all the screws, nuts and bolts you need to get it safely in place.
Does this item come with tools?
No it doesn’t, please use the tools that came with your G-Booster.
Is this an original Kugoo product?
Yes, this is exactly the same as the seat that comes with some G-Boosters.
Is this sturdy?
Yes, once in place and installed correctly this is a very sturdy seat. Naturally with all scooter seats, please check ride position and fixtures before each ride.
Is this item waterproof?
This item does not have an IP rating.

Who is this accessory for?

Those who didn’t buy a seat when they bought their G-Booster or those who want to ride in style.

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Weight 3.02 kg
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 14 cm




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Kugoo G-Booster Frame and Body

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