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Kugoo Servicing - Full Service


Get your Kugoo serviced by the pros. Pick what you need from the list below and get it sorted.

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £10.83 with Laybuy what's this?


Get your Kugoo G-Booster serviced by the pros, as we specialise in Kugoo Servicing.
Just let us know the problem and you’ll be back on the road in no time.
As you can see from our instagram, we’ve helped many customers.

Our full Kugoo Servicing is recommended every year or every 2000km)

(The price is the cost of labour not parts)

Whatʼs included:

  • Full diagnostic with body check
  • Brake disc checked for damage and wear
  • Wheel tyre tread check
  • All nuts and bolts checked and tightened
  • Battery cell check
  • Tyres inflated
  • Full valet

For more information, please contact


How to Change the Settings on the Display

To access the settings menu hold the up/down keys at the same time for several seconds.

To cycle through the menu press the middle/power button.
Change to your desired setting by pressing up and down.
Save your settings by holding the up/down keys at the same time for several seconds.

00 – Calibration of graphic divisions of the battery (The default is 41.5)
01 – Diameter of the rear wheel (The default is 10)
02 – Diameter of the front wheel (15)
03 – Standard speed sensor (1), external 0
04 – Change the settings from KM/H / MPH (very useful for UK riders)
05 – Start from a place off 0, on 1
06 – Cruise control off 0, on 1
07 – Start from the place smooth 0, sharp 1
08 – Power Limit (100)
09 – Odometer
10 – Recuperation is not 0, medium 1, strong 2 (Apparently the effect is not noticeable)
CHA – The number of charges

Original list compiled by luxwheel

KUGOO was founded in the year 2015 by a team of experts in the field of E-scooters.
Challenged by the growing number of cars and bikes emitting harmful substances affecting the environment, Kugoo launched its first bestselling “Cool Green” electric scooter protecting the environment and helping millions of people to commute in a new innovative way.
Their engineers and R&D team are ‘highly motivated by the challenges they face while developing state-of-the-art electric scooters.’
Kugoo regards itself as one of the leading e-scooter manufacturers in the world with a wide distributing channel across Europe including countries like Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy and more.

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