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M365 Pro Bluetooth Dashboard (with cover panel / screen) - Original (Boxed)

£40.00 - BACK IN STOCK!!!

  • Original product
  • Easy to install
  • Xiaomi box
  • Official part
  • No headaches
  • Compatible with both M365 and M365 Pro

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Treat yourself to a new Xiaomi M365 Pro Bluetooth Dashboard. Whether you’re upgrading your M365 or making your M365 Pro (or Pro 2) great again, this is an ideal accessory to get your electric scooter looking right.

Win the battle on contectivity issues with this optimum upgrade.
Get your escooter looking right.
If your Xiaomi electric scooter is having issues or you simply fancy a replacement, take a closer look at this genuine, original part.
Don’t be without your electric scooter, switch to the M365 Pro Bluetooth Dashbaord today.

This is not a clone, fake or a copy board.
This is an original replacement part, which comes in a Xiaomi box and takes just a few minutes to fit.
Being an original product, this is therefore much easier to install, maintain and upgrade.

What’s included:

  • 1x Official Xiaomi M365 Pro Bluetooth Dashbaord
  • 1x Display Cover Panel / Screen


Is this an original product?
Yes. Comes in an original box too.
Does it come with the black screen?
Yes, it comes with the cover/ screen too.
I’ve seen Bluetooth boards cheaper than this, what’s the deal?
Yes, there might be some cheaper but are they original? Our Bluetooth boards are genuine and fully compatible with both the M365 and the M365 Pro.
No messing about, worrying about compatibility or crying into your cornflakes late at night.
How can you tell original from clone boards?
The original board has a little white square on it, with a Xiaomi QR code at the lower left corner or the circuit board. Just under the LED screen. See…
M365 Pro Bluetooth DashboardHOW TO INSTALL

  1. Remove the stock display covers from your device (you need to remove both parts, both the top and the bottom). They are glued down so you may need a hairdryer to heat up the glue. Please be careful.
  2. There are screws on the original panel, please remove them.
  3. Remove the new display from the packaging and check all is OK.
  4. First install the blue (or sometimes white) connector. In the picture above it is blue. This allows the new board to “talk” to your scooter. Please make sure they are aligned carefully.
  5. Press the (smaller blue) power button to make sure the device lights up.
  6. Connect the other cables and screw the new board in place.
  7. Reattach the planel display covers. If you’re upgrading from an M365 you will need an M365 Pro display.
  8. Enjoy.

Why buy genuine Xiaomi parts?

These genuine/original parts are like the ones that came with the electric scooter.
They are often referred to as OE (which stands for Original Equipment), genuine or original but they are the parts your electric scooter was fitted with when it was made in the factory.
Unless stated otherwise they will come in a sealed manufacturer branded box or factory sealed bag. They’re the safest option because you know what you’re buying will fit your electric scooter and have the manufacturer’s guarantee.
If your electric scooter is still under the maker’s warranty it will remain valid. The downside is, these parts are generally the most expensive due to quality control and the premium materials used.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 cm



Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro Frame and Body


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