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Rear Fender Mudguard with Bracket & LED Light for Xiaomi Pro 2, M365, 1S, Essential Electric Scooter

£20.00 - NEW!!!

Meet the all-new Rear Fender Mudguard with Bracket for your Xiaomi 1S/ Pro/ Essential electric scooter.

  • Durable and high quality
  • Fits the Xiaomi 1S/ Pro/ Essential electric scooter
  • Super easy to install
  • Comes with the LED Light
  • Comes with the Metal Fender Bracket
  • Also comes with 2x screws for the Metal Fender Bracket

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Meet the all-new Rear Fender Mudguard with Bracket for your Xiaomi 1S/ Pro 2/ Pro/ Essential electric scooter.

Fix your beloved escooter with this durable and high quality replacement part.
Perfect for the Xiaomi 1S/ Pro/ Pro 2/ Essential electric scooter and super easy to install.
This is a non genuine part that is comes with the LED Light, the metal fender bracket and thwo screws to fix the metal fender bracket in place.
Also comes with the rear licence plate holder.
A great replacement for the one that is shipped with all new Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooters.

Comes with a Rear Licence Plate – suitable if you need to register your scooter.

Who is this accessory for?

Those who need a great part to get their Xiaomi back on the road.

What's in the box:

  • 1x Rear Fender Mudguard with LED LIght and Licence Plate
  • 1x Metal Mudguard Bracket with Screws


Does this item come with tools?
No it doesn’t, but it’s very easy to install.
Is this item waterproof?
Is this an original Xiaomi product?

No, but it’s very high quality. 

Compatibility FAQs

Which scooter does this fit?
This fits the Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Pro 2, Xiaomi Essential and other similar ‘clone’ scooters. 
Is it compatible with the Ninebot G30 MAX?
This does not fit the Max.

What are the benefits of buying high quality products?

High quality parts are more durable and a lesser chance of them having to be replaced.
Their performance will be better than other materials, guaranteeing they last a lot longer.
Low-quality materials are prone to cracks and breaks but an electric scooter part containing high quality materials is sure to have a longer life expectancy.
Quality materials also ensure a lower need for maintenance and that your scooter always looks its best.

These parts are cost efficient both in the short and long term. Using quality materials on your electric scooter ensure that you save on costs.

Quality materials are safe too as they have higher endurance.
They are more resistance to both time and weather conditions.


Rear Fender Mudguard with Bracket Pro 2

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 5 cm



Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro Frame and Body


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