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Xiaomi M365 250W Front Motor with Honeycomb Solid Tyre - Version 2.0


250W Xiaomi Mijia M365 front motor with solid tyre with unique honeycomb design. Perfect for those riders who want to go puncture free.

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250W Xiaomi Mijia M365 front motor with solid tyre with unique honeycomb design.If you’re switching to solid tyres, this is the best way to start.

The 36V, 250W motor replaces the front motor to get you back on the road within minutes.
Rated input voltage: 110V – 240V
Rated output voltage: 42V

This 250W front motor with honeycomb solid tyres is more durable and comfortable than standard solid tyres.
Anti-skid tread for use in rain, sleet or snow.

We’ve been trying these tyres out since early 2018 – see our Instagram – and can’t recommend them enough. There are many scaremongering stories about the use of solid tyres but these are the only solid tyres that we recommend.

The ride is obviously a little harder than using standard pneumatic (air-filled) tyres, but these new honeycomb tyres are as close as you can get to being on started air-filled tyres.

Very smooth ride that is 5 times smother than other solid tyres and twice as smooth as other solid tyres with holes in.
These tyres have holes in to make your journey smoother via an elaborate web of honeycomb chambers.

250W front motor with honeycomb - side

Additional information

Weight 2.83 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5.5 cm

Aluminium alloy, Solid Rubber

Rated input voltage

110V – 240V


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