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M365 Pro MJ1048 - Dashboard

M365 Error Codes – why is my M365 or M365 Pro beeping?

Looking for M365 error codes? If your Xiaomi M365 and/or M365 Pro is beeping/flashing and you’re fearing the worse, then you’ve come to the right place. How can I tell which codes are which? M365 and M365 Pro error codes are two digits.1 – The first is a long signal2 – The second is a […]

Bird Scooters land in London’s Olympic Park

Bird Scooters have finally touched down in England. The Californian electric scooter business – founded in 2017 by Travis VanderZanden, who was formerly an executive at Lyft and at Uber – has launched a pilot service in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The company, which currently plies its trade in around 40 American cities and a few […]

Who are Bird Scooters and are they coming to the UK?

Bird Scooters are an electric scooter rental company, based in Santa Monica, California. Despite being founded in 2017, Bird raised $15 million from investors in February 2018, another $100 million in March, and a further $335 million in September and is now valued at over $2 billion. Bird was founded in 2017 by Travis VanderZanden, who was formerly […]

Xiaomi doesn’t want Lyft using its scooters

Xiaomi doesn’t want Lyft using its electric scooters, according to a report. The famous M365 electric scooter has been adopted by many ‘last mile’ rental companies, but it seems the Chinese super-brand has taken exception to the US company. The likes of Spin, Bird and Lime have been using scooters like the M365 and the […]

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