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Xiaomi Qicycle

Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 Unboxing – First look at the ebike

The Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 has been given an upgrade.
Not content with just upgrading their ever-popular M365 electric scooter, the Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 now has a new and improved version.
That right, after three years Xiaomi’s Qicycle EF1 has a new look and it’s even more futuristic.
This new version retains the high-quality aircraft-grade aluminium frame, but is a touch boxier, as you can see from the latest pictures.
It’s still small and compact, weighing in at 18kg and measures 1530 mm x 205 mm x 1040 mm.

Xiaomi Qicycle - handlebar

The new Qicycle is really easy to handle too – much like a motorcycle, with the right grip you can make the EF1 accelerate, while with the left you can change the gears – as well as turn on the LED light. Sweet, right?
And here’s that unboxing…

Xiaomi Qicycle EF1 Key Spec:

  • Shimano three-speed internal gear hub
  • LCD screen
  • 18kgs
  • 1530 mm x 205 mm x 1040 mm
  • 4-hour charging time
  • Electric motor with up to 25 kph max speed
  • 5,200 mAh, 36V battery with 40 km range
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Compatible with Mi Home

A closer look at the display

Chinese vs International

The differences between the Chinese and International Version of the previous ebike.

Looks like Xiaomi have done it again. We can’t wait until this lands in Europe.

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